Apr 16 2007 - 9:30PM

2007 Spirit Award Winner:

Producing the Event - Two Spirit Evening -

that Best Represents the Spirit of the Festival




Robert at the awards show (right) with poet/winner Chocolate Waters and friend

"Dear Carol and Board Members of the Fresh Fruit Festival. I would like to thank you so much for the recent Fruitee Award. I did not expect to receive an award and had came originally to the Two-Spirit Evening to represent our Native community. We (Samantha and I) are very grateful to have an the opportunity to come out and participate.

I really appreciate Robert Urban for taking the time to organize the Two-Spirit Evening, because without his organizing and planning I don't think we would have been apart of it. He was such a great supporter even when we were rushing to start the show. He has remained a very helpful and important contact in New York. We come from a realitively small section of the LGBT community and finding allies so supportive is wonderful. Samantha is a very talented performer, but sometimes she doesn't always realize her potential. It was nice to see her receive this award because it gave such a big boost to her confidence. I feel that this award helped to not only to cheer her up but also gave her confidence a boost. I think shows like the Fresh Fruit Festival gives everyone an opportunity to show the diversity and wonder that each of us have to offer . Thank you again" - Landa Lakes

Robert and Steve Sullivan perform at the awards show

Comic Host Murray Hill with FFF managing director Jeffery Leeds



 "Hey Everybody: WE did it again and we get better at it each year. I am thrilled at the event and the response it elicits. It was a great evening. This never would have happend w/o each of you bringing your energy, your time and your talents to this evening. I am resting today and patting myself on the back, I hope you all take time to do the same. xxo" Carol Polcovar - Fresh Fruit Artistic Director

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