The Robert Urban Band & Sister Funk

live at The Acoustic Cafe Bridgeport CT - 10/29/04

live-in-concert photos by BONNIE BoWELL

backstage after the show
Gordon Smith keys; Tosh Mana bass; Robert Urban guitar/vocals; Anthony Maullela drums


trading riffs
Robert Urban joins SISTER FUNK's Vange Durst for an impromptu guitar duel onstage


The Robert Urban Band
Anthony Maullela
  Gordon Smith                                           Tosh Mana 

  Denise Troy - Keys & Lead Vocals      Tina Jean - Sax & Lead Vocals      
Vange Durst - Guitar & Lead Vocals               Amy Blaze - Drums & Percussion
Diane Davis - Bass & Vocals

Tina Jean

Denise Troy

Vange Durst

Good night to all!
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