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2011 song release:

"Sweet Holy Spirit"

lead vocals - Chanda Rule, Roger A. Mapes
choir voices - Chanda Rule, Roger A. Mapes, Robert Urban
acoustic guitar - Roger A. Mapes
bass guitar - Steven Sullivan
electric guitars, organ, string orchestra, percussion - Robert Urban

recorded, mixed, arranged & produced by Robert Urban at URBAN PRODUCTIONS studio, NYC

"I have been completely unexcited abt most things lately. This is making me cry. Thank you. I'd love to work with you more." - Chanda Rule

"This is soooooo awesome...."  - Roger Mapes










includes 3 tracks recorded, mixed, arranged, produced by Robert Urban

"EVERY YEAR AROUND XMAS" Roger Kuhn - vocals, acoustic guitar; Robert Urban - piano, organ, strings
recorded, mixed, arranged & produced by R. Urban at URBAN PRODUCTIONS, NYC

"UNDER THE MISTLETOE" Roger Kuhn - vocals, acoustic guitar; Robert Urban - bottleneck guitar, bass, finger snaps recorded, mixed, arranged & produced by R. Urban at URBAN PRODUCTIONS, NYC

"XMAS JOYS" - Roger Kuhn - vocals; Robert Urban - guitars, bass, piano, drums, horn section recorded, mixed, arranged & produced by R. Urban at URBAN PRODUCTIONS, NYC

"Dear Robert - Thanks so much for all of the hard work you contributed to this project. I am forever in your debt. Witnessing your genius is one of life's great pleasures" - Roger Kuhn



Martina Downey - 2010-11 - ongoing eleven song CD recording project:

"Sign Post"

recorded, mixed, arranged, produced by Robert Urban

R. Urban - guitars, drums, keys, orchestral sounds

Steve Sullivan - bass guitar

Barbara Tone - sax

"Hi Robert, Thanks for a wonderful session. It was a real work out which is just what I needed.
I'm loving the work you did on "Sign Post "and can't stop playing it." - Martina

Robert Urban included on NATIONAL EQUALITY MARCH 2009 cd compilation -

 Two Roger Mapes songs I recently arranged, produced, sang & played on here at URBAN PRODUCTIONS are included the compilation - "We Are Angels" and "Freedom Rocks". 

"congrats on your wonderful arrangements and production. So many people have complimented you on everything you have done for the live show and the cd." - Roger A. Mapes

You can check out on i-tunes: iTunes ­ http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?i=334516683&id=334516671&s=143441&uo=6

Roger Anthony Mapes ­ song & lyrics
Robert Urban ­ instrumental interlude music
R.A. Mapes ­ lead & backing vocals
Maxine ­ mandolin
R. Urban ­ acoustic guitar, bass, orchestral strings & horns, backing vocals

FREEDOM ROCKS - R.A. Mapes - song & lyrics
R.A. Mapes - lead vocal
R. Urban - electric guitar & gospel choir vocals
Tom O'Neal - synths, keys, bass
Mark Vollenweider - percussion


2009 HOUSE OF JOY cd  

songs arranged, produced, mixed & recorded by ROBERT URBAN

ROBERT URBAN - acoustic & electric guitars, bass, piano, organ, flute, backing vocals, orchestral sounds, percussion and drums.

"Hey Robert, Thanks for adding your spin to Rogers' song "We Are Angels" he sent me a copy.. It's amazing!--just like your talents and music are.
Many blessings", Arizzona - radio host,

"The layers of details when I listen to our songs just make me so happy. Everything added is totally appropriate." - Roger Anthony Mapes

"Robert Urban (”OUTmusician of the Year 2006?, and­ to restate the obvious­ an acclaimed performer in his own right) produced and arranged the CD, as well as contributing background vocals, guitar, and a variety of other instruments. The bluesy, raw, Southern-style rock on “House of Joy” is a great match for Mapes’ take-no-prisoners voice, and the artist’s lyrics pay homage to his Southern roots while exploring provocative themes about gender and self-expression. “I Wanna Know” features an unrelenting serpentine rhythm and superb guitar work courtesy of Mapes and Robert Urban. The song breaks into an intense, high-energy climax that leaves the listener spent. For “Muscle Shoals” we’re again treated to some superb guitar work as Mapes sings about Muscle Shoals, Alabama, “the hit recording capital of the world”. - Jed Ryan, DISH MISS

"A good producer doesn’t oveshadow his musician client, but rather knows how to create an environment in the recording studio that allows the artist to fully express themselves. Urban’s production isn’t overbearing, but instead compliments Mapes’ voice and songwriting perfectly. Working together, Urban and Mapes are a real hand-in-glove fit. Besides Mapes on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Urban also plays guitar, flute, Hammond organ, piano, bass, bottleneck slide, as well as arranging horns, strings, the choir, and providing backing vocals". - Pamela DeGroff of TG Forum Magazine

Robert Urban recipient - 2010 Stonewall Society Pride-in-the-Arts Producer of the Year award winner for producing HOUSE OF JOY cd.

"Your fans have voted you a Pride In The Arts Music Award. Results are posted at www.prideinthearts.com. Thanks for sharing your talents and representing our community with such pride and accomplishment. You make us all proud! Congratulations again! All the best"- Len Rogers www.stonewallsociety.com

"Thanks Robert ! I'm so proud of YOU!" Roger Anthony Mapes




song - "Long, Long Way Home" featuring Morry Campbell, Robert Urban, Katie Sawicki -

recorded, mixed, arranged & produced by Robert Urban at URBAN PRODUCTIONS studio, NYC

and featured on the 2009 United for the Ride compilation CD





- Roger Kuhn song - 2009 "Finally"

- recorded, mixed, arranged & produced by Robert Urban at URBAN PRODUCTIONS, NYC 

Robert Urban - mandolin, electric guitar, drums, backup vocals, keys


"Hey RU – just got done listening again. I really love it. So cool!!! Thanks again. ;)" - Roger Kuhn

"Wow, it turned into a Yes production (complete with pedal steel guitar)!
Sounds good". - Steven Sullivan (bassist on "Finally")







EMBRACING THIS (2002 cd release) Dreamborn Productions www.jeremyblue.com


Robert Urban - production consultant, guitars, bass, percussion

"Robert - Again, thank you for all your care in this project.
You have brought so much to it, as well as you've laid a foundation for whatever is to come" - JEREMY BLUE






vocal tracks for 2007 CD release The Healing Machine recorded at Urban Productions

Robert Urban - recording engineer, guitar and bass guitar

Bonus Track - "The Wind" arranged & produced by Robert Urban

"YOU RULE! - the WIND mix is exquisite!!! I love what you have done with it...
again thanks for all your hard work on the record and for sharing your creativity with me... much love.....M




DANIEL SPEAKS - singer/songwriter
2008 photo session
photos by Robert Urban

"Rob, What can I say? I LOVE the pics!!! You did your thang!! Thanks again, I appreciate your creative eye and energy" - Daniel Speaks


2006 - Two songs from Sinatra and Friends: The Tribute Musical

1. "Yesterday's the Day"
2. "You're the One"


Robert Urban - recording engineer



RENAIR AMIN - 2009, 2008


2 CD Spoken Word project - "Telergy"


24 poems, many accompanied by music


Robert Urban - producer, music arranger, recording & mix engineer

- instrumental backup music for several tracks composed and performed by Robert Urban.






ON & ON (1997 cd release)

Robert Urban - electric guitars





2004 10 song recording project

Robert Urban - Producer, Song Arranger, Recording Enginneer, electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion, back-up vocals


"Thanks Robert for your kind attention to my music - your influence is really priceless to me. I love you and the FREEDOM arrangement! it rocks!" - Yolanda




2007/08 - MORRY CAMPBELL cd - LONG WAY HOME - also featuring Katie Sawicki, Dan Manjovi, Robert Urban

Robert Urban - producer, arranger, recording & mix engineer - also - acoustic & electric guitars, bass, piano, organ, synths, orchestral sounds, percussion, backup vocals, harmonica, sonic effects

"“Sleep in the Morning” is a pretty song!!! “Long Way Home” has that simple singer/songwriter feel to it…it’s one of those tunes that doesn’t require anything more than what you’ve already done to it. I like the vocals of all three of you and the harmonies. I would love a copy of the new CD once it’s complete. These songs are tunes I can play on my show. Best, J-Ho"  - JEREMY HOVIES, OUTQ - SIRIUS Radio

"All your mixes are beautiful. I'm really enjoying
listening to them. I think the CD is going to be awesome, and you
are one big reason why". - MORRY CAMPBELL

"I enjoyed the work that you and Morry did. I think he's got a great CD".- ROGER KUHN, recording artist

"sounds amazing, ya reallly outdid yerself!" - Gordon Smith, RUBBERLEGS



2006 - Fritz Wendt and Charles Gilmore

song - "Immigrators"

Robert Urban - recording & mix engineer





ABBAlicious - ABBA tribute compilation cd

song "Lay Your Love on Me" June 2004 release - Figjam Records


Robert Urban - rhythm & lead guitars; song arrangement

"... poignant, larger-than-life acoustic-blues treatment of Lay All Your Love On Me - a track that repeatedly gives me goose bumps..."
- CD review by EARNEST BARTELDES - Gay Today Magazine

"The stripped-down, raw feel of the track-- featuring only Yolanda's hard-hitting, strong, Southern-twanged voice and guitar by Robert Urban-- packs a wallop!"
- JED RYAN - PM Magazine

"LAY YOUR LOVE ON ME - All I can say is LORD HAVE MERCY! My windows fogged up. My toes curled. Pure... passionate blues!" - Jennifer Layton, Indie-Music.com





four songs from BOOZE, SEX and the DEVIL (2006 CD release)


Robert Urban - producer, recording & mix engineer, guitars, backing vocals, song arrangements









2006 - 3 Christmas holiday songs

Robert Urban - recording & mix engineer

2007 - Christmas holiday song "Xmas Joys" -

Robert Urban - producer/arranger - guitars/bass/drums/horns







four song demo CD (2001)


Robert Urban - producer, arranger, recording engineer, guitars, keys, bass, drums, percussion, backing vocals


"I really appreciate all of your help. You, more than anyone, I think have believed in me over the years, even more than myself." - Marshall Zarne









Four Rap Tracks "Family Business", "Orientation", "Okayplaya", "We are at War" (on the CD Compilations "The Dozens") (2002 release) and

Rainbow Flava ­ "Family Business" (2001) Two years in the making, the third album by the pioneering San Francisco-based group was the first hip-hop project
to represent the entire LGBT community, featuring MC performances by Dutchboy, N.I.Double-K.I. and Pointfivefag and
production by Jeffrey “Dub” Mann, Archie Smooth, DJ Monkey, Robert Urban and Tori Fixx. Includes guest appearances by D/DC, MISS MONEY and SHANTÉ SMALLS.

Robert Urban - recording & mix engineer, production; and additionally - guitars, synths, percussion, bass on "Family Business" (Robert's Mix)




song -"Greatest Nightmare" (2005)

recorded, mixed & produced at Urban Productions

Robert Urban - sound engineer







CAMP DAZE motion picture Film Soundtrack - (2005) Screamkings ProductionsCD


1980s styled rock/pop music by Robert Urban

and the songs : "Joey Sails Away" and "Everyone Wants the Fire" by Robert Urban










9/11 Tribute Song "FALLEN HEROES" - O.B.I. Entertainment (2002)

Robert Urban - recording engineer, midi to audio conversion, electric guitar solo, strings & string arrangement






Just Havin' Some Good Clean Fun

2008 16 song CD Release



Robert Urban - production consultant

"Thanks for all your help and encouragement, And thanks for making the time to listen to my music and being so thoughtful in your comments. Your opinions on what to cut were right on target, and got me unstuck at a critical time. No one else who heard it said anything like "song A sounds a lot like song B, which is a better song, so drop A." And, you did it kindly. The world needs more guys like you, Robert." - DON HARVEY









Finding - Red Siren Records (2002 CD release)

Robert Urban - recording engineer, electric & acoustic guitars. Additionally, Mike James covers two songs composed by Robert Urban
("We Are the Haunted" & "The Waiting Song") for this cd release.


"Thanks, Robert Urban. You've been incredible! You are my muse & mentor, and I love you. I hope we can keep making music like this"
- MIKE JAMES, FINDING cd liner notes








CD demo release (1996) and photo shoot

Robert Urban - electric and acoustic guitars

photos by Robert Urban









one minute Radio Station ID soundclip - featuring music and voiceover by Robert Urban

March 2006

"Robert, Perfect. Thanks so much for doing this - it is greatly appreciated" - Bill Nor, RGIN RADIO





song (click to hear) "Alone Against the Wind" (2001)


Robert Urban - recording & mix engineer, midi to audio conversion, electric guitars, backup vocals,
additional bass & percussion, vocal arrangement, song arrangement

"It really sounds great!" - Zecca




Elisa DeCarlo

6 song background track project with pianist Tracy Stark (2005)


Robert Urban - recording & mix engineer










2006 - two Christmas holiday song singles



Robert Urban - producer; recording & mix engineer, guitar, bass, keyboards & finger snaps

"The holiday songs have been a huge hit for me!" - Roger Kuhn




2005-6 11 song CD - PROOF (2006) including the album's opening track 2007 hit single "What's Your Name"

Robert Urban - recording & mix engineer; producer, guitars, bass, percussion, background vocals, keyboards, orchestral sounds, song arrangements

"The CD really sounds great. I think that you really hit the nail on the head. You've taken the music out of my head and beautifully crafted it into this record. I am forever grateful! Roger My friends love the CD and think that the production sounds great. Thanks again Robert. You are really helping me to achieve my goals"- ROGER KUHN

"What's Your Name" enjoyed about 12 weeks in MTV LOGOS's top 10 and the video will continue to live on LOGOonline's QueerMix page. Thanks again to everyone and especially to Roger for creating such a wonderful song (mastered by the uber-talented Robert Urban!) without which there simply never would have been a music video. I hope we'll all have the chance to work together again soon. Best, Chris Shirley - video director for "What's Your Name"





1. -"The Muffin Song" - Robert Urban - producer, recording & mix engineer, guitars, bass guitar, hammond organ

2. - "Ronald Reagan's Funeral" - Robert Urban - electric guitar solo

"Robert! - It was really great fun to record in your studio - Just wanted to thank you again for all your incredible work on "The Muffin Song" - I know it helped to get the CD to #1 at Outvoice and Song of the Year at Stonewall Society!!!!!!" - SCOTT FREE





Homodelic 2002 CD recording project - Taboo Recording Studios, NYC

Robert Urban - acoustic & electric guitars, backing vocals, percussion on 3 songs -
"Parade", "Nature's Way", "Hustler Blues"; additional "Nature's Way" song arrangement.








"Little Bird" from HERE I COME cd (2005)

Robert Urban - sound engineer - vary speed editing for video sync special effects











- Both ROCK WIDOW and ELEGIES cds were recorded entirely at URBAN PRODUCTIONS studio


press reviews at 2004 reviews, 2003 reviews 2002 reviews



Two songs by Robert Urban - J'ACCUSE (from Elegies CD) and PHOTOS OF THE MOON from "godless" CD
are included in 2 compilation CDs released by the European-based ACID DRAGON Progressive Rock Magazine & Radio.
The CDs are entitled "Voices" & "Voices 2"> and showcases "multi-instrumentalist" rock artists who specialize in playing all parts in their recordings.
"Voices" features cover art by DUNGEONS & DRAGONS illustrator Larry Elmore and is sent out to thousands of ACID DRAGON subscribers worldwide.
Other musical artists on the CD include PURPLE, FONYA, BRIAN HIRSCH, CHRIS FOURNIER and PARADOX.
Special thanks to producer PHIL JACKSON in Scotland, Rick Ray of Neurosis Records for the U.S. Distribution and Marc Doremusat of WCSB FM 89.3 Cleveland for the first U.S. airplay.



HOW DO I LOOK Documentary Film (2005)

Robert Urban - sound engineer, editing, mastering - soundtrack single "How Do I Look"





23 song project (2005)


Robert Urban- sound engineer - editing, volume normalization, new song IDs, digital pitch transposition,
DAT to hard drive file to cd conversion, new AIFF song file creation









TOKYO PENGUIN - featuring Toshi Nakayama

"Boogie Man" song (2005)


Robert Urban - recording & mix engineering,
song arrangement, piano, percussion, bass, guitars


"We got a great response from the audience. Thank you" - Toshi

forwarded from Toshi Jan 2008- "I just have to let you know that my song has been
chosen to be featured on a compilation CD, which will be published by a new indie label called Carbon Drum.
The song "Boogey Man" is the last song on the" Electro, Dark Wave, Industrial" CD."








Descent cd (2005-6 release) 

Robert Urban - production consultant


"Robert - thank you for your time, your patience and your willingness to take me seriously about all this. And also for your inspiration, affection and insight." - Love, Rick 






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