The Florida Special Needs Color Guard is a division of The Florida Special Arts Center, Inc., a non-profit organization whose goal is to bridge the gap between the general and special population to show the world how talented, capable and special, individuals with developmental disabilities are.

2007 Docmentary Film

"Bridging the Gap"

"Bridging the Gap" film music score and soundtrack theme song composed by Robert Urban.

The Florida Special Needs Color Guard This past November, the FSNCG was invited to perform in The 80th Anniversary Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. It was the first time in history that a group of developmentally disabled young adults have ever been invited to participate in this American tradition! While performing in NYC, Well-known producer and director, Wolfgang Busch was impressed with the dynamics of the group. He is now coordinating a documentary on the many achievements and exceptional participants of this guard. There is no doubt a documentary will help continue this color guards message to the world of "bridging the gap".
This very special color guard team truly is "A Lesson In Humanity". For more information about The Florida Special Needs Color Guard, visit ,
The FSNCG is comprised of 23 young adults with various developmental disabilities. Also, included on this team are 5 non-disabled participants (unified partners). According to Ellen Kleinert-Cohn, director of the FSNCG, “the beauty of this guard is that they serve as role models for each other. The relationships that form between our members are truly phenomenal. Our non-disabled participants, and coaches become more compassionate, and our special young adults learn appropriate social skills and form wonderful friendships that last a lifetime!”

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