A sampling of work done for clients -
stonework, statuary, paving, fountains, ponds, birdbaths & other decorative garden elements
- design work and installations by Robert Urban

upper west side "woodland" shade garden - Birdbaths add elegance and attact birds

Lower East Side 1st Avenue backyard space -
rubber square tiles for safe children's play area - and intricate ceramic tile & sand colored pebble design for garden entrance way.

Woodchips cover remaining garden area for clean, cool, neat look


Central Park South - building entrance "Zen" rock garden
- a combination of rock elements (small white pebbles, slate-colored Maryland river rock, larger gray Mexican river rock -

surrounding black polished granite fountain - with English Ginger and Winterberry ground covers, mosses, miniature ferns, boxwoods and asian evergreen tree

designed, installed & maintained with Urban Ex crew.


upper west side townhouse backyard area - guest house & garden pond - with bamboo grove & potted flowers

a moss rock adds interest and contrast to this Chelsea backyard shade garden


upper west side apartment building - faux stone fountain (with visiting sparrow!) with rock wall - surrounded by blue-grape hyacinth, yellow tulips, ferns

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