A sampling of -
Manhattan townhouse front garden spaces and sidewalk tree-wells.
Elements designed, installed, planted & maintained by Robert Urban

upper east side residences - custom designed sidewalk plant containers - left to right - yews, ivy, yellow mums; pink impatiens, boxwoods


east 60's townhouse front - Arborvitae trees and English Ivy in containers


east 50's Beekman Place townhouse front - Arborvitae trees, Japanese Red Maple, purple potato vine in containers


West Village townhouse front steps - Arborvitae trees in urns


upper east side townhouse front steps in Spring - blue hydrangeas and daffodils


upper west side - townhouse front
(left) tree-well with red salvia & ivy
(right) - garden/basement entance area with blue salvia, geraniums and evergreens


Upper West Side - summer - window box planting - Boston ferns and Vinca vinces

Upper East Side autumn decor for townhouse front steps by Robert Urban

upper west side - sidewalk tree well with ivy, inside front tree-well with Pachysandra, potted Yew & flowers


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