Das Hause (2003 release)

Instrumental Film Score -
composed, performed & orchestrated by

Das Hause also features songs by:

*V*I*R*G*O* - "You Suck", "Parasite", "Soul Disease"

Steve Sandberg - "Dick Radio"

Rodger Raino - "Vampire Eyes"

Das Hause is a taut and clever story of what happens when three teams of young guys accept the challenge to spend a weekend at a sprawling beach house known for its twisted and dark history. The challenge has been offered by a European television network who are trying to cash in on the reality based TV craze and break into the "American" market creating a low ball reality show called Das Haus. The guys challenges of horrific nightmares, hallucinations and visions of their own deaths cause dissension and mistrust among the players. A series of violent confrontations reveal the true nature of the Europeans twisted plot and reality TV gets all too real and all too bloody.

Coming on Video and DVD fall 2003

More info on Das Haus at SCREAM KINGS VIDEO

Flash!! - ROBERT URBAN & V*I*R*G*O* perform live at the DAS HAUSE screening as part of the HOWL FILM FESTIVAL in NYC on Thursday, Dec 11th, 2003




ROBERT URBAN - Musical Direction & Instrumental Film Score











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