July 3, 2006 NYC OUTMUSIC OPEN MIC at ROCKWOOD HALL Hello Outsters! Thanks, boys and girls, for yet another KICK-ASS Outmusic Open Mic in New York City on Monday night July 3rd at Rockwood Music Hall, hosted by newly crowned Outmusician of the Year 2006 Robert Urban!

From spoken word, to poetry, to jazz, to songs about guys named "John", to Blondie classics (!), the night included especially zesty performances by our Open Mic loyal regulars Frank Grimaldi, Morry Campbell, Terry Christopher (Love that booty shakin'!), Roger Kuhn, John Manion (Whose song, incidentally, was not called "Roger"...), Anne Stott, and Cass Jabara-- as well as surprise appearances by always crowd-pleasing Amy G., Drew Paralic, and partners in life as well as music, Reuben & Rick.

The night also featured first time Open Mic attendee Scottie Gage (This youngsta will definitely be back!) and a musical appearance by, in the words of Robert Urban, "New York royalty": well-known gal-about-town Clover Honey from TV's "Under the Pink Carpet".

The audience was also treated to some genre-busting spoken word by Baron with musical accompaniment by Robert Urban, and renegade poetry by Amanda Harris and Angelina Lim, both of whom will be appearing at the Fresh Fruit Festival this month. Speaking of the Fresh Fruit Festival, Carol Polcovar, Artistic Director of the Fest and performer, was also in attendance that night.

A great big Outmusic Out Loud "Thank You!" goes to our "ospite straordinario" Robert Urban (who graciously agreed to sacrafice his closing number to allow a late first-timer to perform her song "L Train". Did anybody get her name?!), all the artists and supporters who came that night (especially the guys and gals who support the Open Mic by appearing every month!), Ed Mannix, bartenders Anne and Jennie Lee, Rockwood Music Hall's Ken Rockwood for doing all the music for the night as always, and cutie sweetie Reuben Butchard for allowing the Open Mic to go 15 minutes overtime so that everyone could get to do two numbers. Thanks again Reuben! See ya'll next month! Love, peace, & pride - Jed Ryan, Outmusic

left to right - Roger Kuhn, Jed Ryan, Terry Christopher, John Manion, Baron, Morry Campbell, Mike Fass, Robert Urban

accompanying Morry Campbell (with Roger Kuhn at the piano)
with poet Amanda Harris with singer Scott Gage
with singer/pianist Amy G.
with bassist Steve Sullivan
with some lovely ladies                                                                       with Morry Campbell and John Manion
accompanying rapper/poet Baron
with an unknown last minute performer                                              with Morry Campbell                                                   with Cass Jabara   

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