"KIM CHAR - SuperStar"
Kim Char
live at Meow Mix Club, NYC
August 17th, 2003
Music Review by Robert Urban

This is what's fun about working in music and experiencing new talent. I get to predict.

I'm not sure how many out there have yet heard of singer/songwriter/guitarist KIM CHAR, but I'm betting that within 2 years her name will be a household word. This gal is WAY-elligible for bona-fide, rock royalty stardom.

Watching Kim onstage, one can sense how well she could play to an arena size crowd - she gives off that much energy. But more important - she is so magnanimous a performer that, even in a small rock club, she makes the audience feel as tho they ARE an arena size crowd. Sleekly dressed in black jeans & black tee-shirt, and algow with a take-no-prisoners, no-nonsense star-quality, Kim Char took the stage at our Meow Mix show as if on camera, and during her performance seemed to look every audience member in the eye. She gave us her all, and held nothing back.

With a pitch-perfect voice that goes EVERYWHERE, Kim sings in a variety of rock styles. Her songs' lyric/subject matter includes motherhood (she has two sons - 8 and 12 years old - who are accompanying her on this current U.S. tour); indigenous hawaiian culture (per her home state); women's issues (hey - she's out & proud); and good ol' rock 'n roll fun.
In the 50-plus-year-old world of acoustic rock music, it sometimes seems like all the guitar-based song possiblities & all the acoustic guitar instrumental approaches have been exhausted. In lesser talents I often hear little more than rehashes of ideas that were original way back in the '60s.

Not so with this musician. Exuding effervescence and even a wry humor, Kim Char plays the guitar like it was just invented - and like she's had the first crack at being creative on it before anyone else. Her guitar technique is absolutely top notch pro - she's a master player. Furthermore, her song constructions, chord changes, finger-picking style, riffs, dynamism and sheer attack on the instrument are all utterly original. She manages to write fine, authentic songs with hit potential that sound derivative of no one but herself.

With her devoted & very professional management and PR firms; a current country-wide whirlwind tour; a fine CD "Give and Take" (on PASSIONATE WOMEN RECORDS); (and, if I may say so, MTV-ready, drop-dead gorgeous looks), Kim Char is poised to take America by storm. I urge all fans of good rock music & song to catch Kim on this U.S. tour, so you too, can say, "I saw her when..."

Contact and get more info on KIM CHAR at www.kimchar.com

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