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JD DOYLE's QUEER MUSIC HERITAGE website "Queer Music Heritage" is both a radio show and a website, and the goal of both is to preserve and share the music of our culture, because I just don't think gay & lesbian music of the past should be forgotten." - JD Doyle

Robert Urban - Urban Productions
"Now, if you notice, there are no other "artist links" on this page, as I do that normally when an artist is featured on a QMH or Audiofile show, but Robert's site offers so, so much more than just his own music info. Of course visit the other links there, but I highly recommend the section on his home page called "Published Music, Arts & Entertainment Articles, Reviews, Papers, Interviews by Robert Urban." ... there's lots there and I love his reviews of the music of other artists, many whose work may be new to you, and hey, they need to be heard. I salute his work in all angles of getting the music and word out there." - JD DOYLE


Robert Urban/URBAN PRODUCTIONS website recipient of 2005 Gay LIfe UK GOLD Award

Urban Productions listed as a Donor on ALL ABOUT CHARITY - The best source of information and/or products about Charity on the internet.

Music Business: Producers, your resource for digital media information, articles, news, tips and more.

see listing under "Producers" for Robert Urban


Robert Urban included in the playlist for WVJW 94.1 Radio "The Voice of Dissent"

Robert Urban is listed under contemporary composers in the encyclopedic NEW CLASSICAL FORUM classical music & composers website

Robert Urban listed in the Eastern Conservatory Online Music Library

Robert Urban listed under "Music/Bands" for film score composing is a site devoted to exploring the horror genre and its inclusion of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgendered. It's a place where queer folk can explore their interests in, or connections with, the horror genre.





Gay and Lesbian Directory of Links

Gay Guitarists Worldwide

"Open to all GLBT players & fans!

Robert Urban - founder & moderator"



Sunday, Oct 10th, 2004 - 7pm to 1am -
ROBERT URBAN featured in the Future Star segment, including review and 2 songs heard consecutively from ROCK WIDOW cd. Airplay on Sunday October 10, 2004. 7pm-1am - a free listen on Live365! or for those that miss the show after the fact or to hear older shows.


Dear Robert - Congratulations! As was announced last night on the special 2004 Pride In The Arts Award Nominees Show - You have been nominated for the following two awards:

1. Pride In The Arts Literary Arts, Arts Reviewer Award for 2004

2. 2004 Pride In The Arts Literary Arts Verse Award for "Brothers Beware".

Feel free to distribute this to your fans, as this is a fan based award we encourage active participation. StoneWall Society - All nominees may be found at top center! Voting links are also open and present. Voters vote for the Literary Arts Awards at: StoneWall Society Artworld Ballots

Robert Urban added to SOUND DIRECTORY Music Link & Sample Download website.

1/30/04 - Robert Urban interviewed on "OutQ in the Morning" Radio Show, with hosts Larry Flick and Cheryl Barcenas, discussing Robert's music for films with DEAD GUYS CINEMA Director Alex Dove. "Thanks for stopping by today. You and Alex were fantastic!" -
Larry Flick, Sirius Radio

Robert Urban
progressive rock magazine's list of artists.

All Four ROBERT URBAN cd's (ROCK WIDOW, ELEGIES, WHO I WAS & GODLESS) added to the encyclopedic PROGLANDS discography of progressive rock. Each cd has it's own page, with track listing, credits, etc.

Robert Urban poetry added to BETTER HELLS & MINE FIELDS GLBT resource

Robert Urban
Art, Entertainment & Literature Website

October, 2003 - a link to the ROBERT URBAN Website added to CELEBRITY PICTURES Website - with pics added to a special PHOTO PAGE

October, 2003 - ROBERT URBAN added to the OPEN DIRECTORY PROJECT under "Arts" - "Music" - "Bands & Musicians". The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.

Robert Urban listed on the world-renowned



Check out the KFM Band - featuring good friends/musical colleages/partners-in-crime PETER FARRELL and GLEN MUNOZ


Robert Urban added to CLASSICAL.COM as instrumentalist - 11/11/03 - Classical Soloists, Opera Singers, Conductors, Ensembles, Orchestras, Choirs, Organizations and Management

Sept, 2003 - Robert Urban added to the "contemporary music composers" section on this site.

DELICIOUS AGONY Progressive Rock Radio Website

October, 2003 - ROBERT URBAN added to the musical artists links section of this site.

Tune in to WHUS 91.7 Hartford/University of Connecticut Radio - to host MIKE at OUTRADIO's show this Friday morning 9/12/03 from 9:30 to noon - will be airing an extensive interview , plus songs from all my cds. More info on WHUS RADIO at

I'll be on radio host Larry Flick's OutQ talk show gabbing about Urban Productions, making music soundtracks & scores for films and my ROCK WIDOW cd - Tuesday (tomorrow) 9am on SIRIUS Radio - www.siriusoutq

The new 2003 Robert Urban CD Rock Widow

Winner in 2 MUSIC categories!

1. Winner - Favorite Male Musician of 2003
2. Winner - Pride 2003 Song of the Year - (click to listen) "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
(from Rock Widow)

also nominated for Pride 2003 cd/album - "Rock  Widow"                    Click HERE   to see the other winners & categories


Winner in LITERARY category!

click HERE to see all the literary award winners & categories

Click HERE to read other poetic writings from my book ABOMINATIONS



with TONY PICCIANO of Route 66 Recording Studios & WRTN 93.5 fm Radio, outside the Knitting Factory, NYC - after performing in June 2003 for the Outmusic Awards.





JUNE 6-12, 2003 - Check out the cd review for ROCK WIDOW in this week's NYC GAY CITY NEWS
(the OMA issue with Yolanda on the cover)


JUNE 6-12, 2003- ROCK WIDOW Review also in this week's METRO G Magazine (San Diego, CA)

JUNE, 2003 - Also made the"2003 Recommended Releases"; Sections of the new ZEITGEIST Music Webzine
PARADOX Progressive Rock webzine
(both in the U.K.)

and reviewed (we kid you not) in the humongous PROGRESSOR Progressive Rock Pages (Uzbekistan) at:

"The Waiting Song" from "Elegies" is featured in the Angelwing Omega Productions film chronicle "One Story, Many Voices: 15 Years of Pride." the new documentary film commissioned by Michigan Pride Organization. The film had it's debut Saturday, April 26th at the Lansing Michigan Radisson Hotel Ballroom during a special Michigan Pride fundraising event and was very well received.

"One Story, Many Voices: 15 Years of Pride." contains songs by:
Happy Charles - Amy Fix - Mary Lofstrom - Rumacea - Robert Urban - Leah Zicari

The film will be available for non-profit sale at

"The Waiting Song" also won the 2002 PRIDE SONG OF THE YEAR as voted by fans for the Stonewall SocietyMusic Awards



MARCH 15, 2003 - The new NEW 2003 ROBERT URBAN CD release -
is released! 4/7/03

"Waiting for Rome", "Cubes of Light", and "Courtship of Europa" will be featured around some of radio host Bob Young's weird sketches on KCLA, 99.3 fm, California Radio, May 8 at 3pm

Check out the may issue of the zine Our HOMES of Pride. There'll be coverage of my new ROCK WIDOW cd, plus an in-depth interview.

Click HERE to listen!

ROBERT URBAN interviewed on his life, work & music on host KEITH BROWN's Radio Show. In two parts. Part one aired on 1/30/02 and part two aired on 2/6/03. Each part is one half hour long and includes songs from three different Robert Urban CDs ("godless", Elegies and Rock Widow).

Special congrats to Urban Productions client JEREMY BLUE for his debut CD "Embracing This" included in This Way Out Radio's "best of the year show". (and in such illustrious company!) I loved working and especially playing on this fine album, and knew when I first heard Jeremy's work tracks that he'd come up with something very special. Jer and I often cross paths on the live circuit, giving me the chance sit in on electric gtr for his CD's awesome opening song "Don't Know Where I Been". You can see Jeremy's stuff at

The Urban Productions recording studio was significantly upgraded (again!) in the 2nd half of 2002 - As the scope of the just-finished-soon-to-be-released new Robert Urban CD, (way larger than any recording I've done before) demanded new processor upgrades, larger memory/storage drives, new A/D converters, effects, sounds, plug-ins, instrument amps, etc, etc - The purpose of all this tech-talk being, as we head into 2003 with two full cd projects and a film score project already booked - we are PSYCHED!!

Check out the new reviews of ELEGIES, "godless" and the feature on the website at the Stonewall Society ROBERT URBAN webpage

August, 2002
Hi Robert,
I am very happy and proud to announce that you have been voted the 2002 Pride Song Award for "The Waiting Song". You can see the award announcement page at: The Stonewall Society's Awards Webpage
You have been selected by qualified internet vote in the 2002 StoneWall Society Pride In The Arts Awards program. This is a real award so please also send us the shipping information as to where you would like your award sent. You will also be provided with an internet image of the award. As the recipient you have all rights to display your award, list your award, and otherwise make known your award.
Once again, congratulations on your award! Thank you for so proudly and positively representing the GLBTI community in the world of music!
All the best,
Len - Founder StoneWall Society

June 2002
Two of my songs - (TRAGEDY from the "Elegies" CD, and IT'S ONLY LOVE from the "godless" CD) - will be featured in the upcoming gay slasher film DEAD GUYS by Director Todd Russell. Additionally, my instrumental music will provide the score for the film. The anticipated release date is Summer 2002. More on this soon.

2002! Happy New Year to All! Have just emerged from phase two of year 2001 renovations for the Urban Productions Recording Studio - upgrades include complete re-wiring, repainting and refurnishing of the control room. New gear added includes hi-end stereo compressors, additional vocal & acoustic instrument mics, and, to complement the 5 different drum sample modules - a new Roland 7 piece triggering drum kit (way cool for real drummers). Acoustic guitars are sounding PHENOMENAL! Twin ADATs are now synced to the hard disk recorder for projects involving the enhancing/editing/mixing of ADAT-recorded material . Special THANKS & HAPPY HOLIDAZE to artists/organizations/businesses Dreamborn Productions, singer/songwriters David Johansson and Jeremy Blue, SJM&D Corporation, Miss Girl Records, Fierce-0-Rama Recordings, cellist Michael Dolbow, H.O.P.E.(House of Performing Empowerment) & other clients who bore with us during the craziness & construction these last two months. We enter the new year booked with exciting new projects - there's about a two month wait for booking the recording studio.

Saturday, November 17th, 4pm and THANKSGIVING Thursday, Nov. 22nd, 8:30pm - Urban Productions BOLDLY Presents - Live at Sun Music Company, NYC airs on Manhattan Cable Television (channel 34). The concert video features performances by ROBERT URBAN, LOU VALENTINE, JON GILBERT LEAVITT,ALLISON TARTALIA, MARSHALL ZARNE,TOSHI, MIKE JAMES & NICK DeJESU - Produced by Robert Urban for URBAN PRODUCTIONS

Announced on March 1st of 2001! -Winner of 2 OMA awards!

"ROBERT URBAN - Winner - Outstanding Live Performer of 2001; ROBERT URBAN - Winner - Outstanding CD of 2001 ("Elegies")

Check out my new page on RECORDHEAD MAGAZINE'S website at RECORDHEAD MAGAZINE. Ah... to be nestled snuggly between the pages of Pink Floyd & King Crimson! What an honor! Webmeister/Editor Rick Whitehurst maintains one of the finest progressive rock sites on the Internet!

March, 2001 - all three Robert Urban CDs("godless", Elegies & who i was)will be available via CDBaby.COM! Easy, one-stop, on-line purchasing at a great price!

March, 2001 - Here's the latest - The songs J'ACCUSE (from my Elegies CD) and PHOTOS OF THE MOON from my "godless" CD are included in 2 compilation CDs released by the European-based ACID DRAGON Progressive Rock Magazine & Radio. The CD is be entitled "Voices" and showcases "multi-instrumentalist" rock artists who specialize in playing all parts in their recordings. "Voices" features cover art by DUNGEONS & DRAGONS illustrator Larry Elmore and is sent out to thousands of ACID DRAGON subscribers worldwide. Other musical artists on the CD include PURPLE, FONYA, BRIAN HIRSCH, CHRIS FOURNIER and PARADOX. Special thanks to producer PHIL JACKSON in Scotland, Rick Ray of Neurosis Records for the U.S. Distribution and Marc Doremusat of WCSB FM 89.3 Cleveland for the first U.S. airplay.

On the first Monday of every month, OUTMUSIC holds an open mic evening at the C-Note Cafe on 10th Street & Ave. C in Manhattan - 7:30pm showtime - door $3 - Pros, beginners & amateurs showcase all their stuff. I go and test drive all my new songs - great fun - great crowd. All ya gotta do to participate is be queer... or at least act it... or hell, just smile a lot.

July 20, 2000 - I'm named "Artist of the Week" over at THE PROGRESSIVE ROCK RADIO NETWORK. My thanks again to Program Director Jon P. Yarger for letting me hang out in such illustrious company and with all the prog rock royalty!
All kinds of Band Photos from gigs, rehearsals, etc. are stored in the photo section at Robert Urban Yahoo Website. It's also a place to reach me.
Thanks to my good buddy JON P. YARGER of Prog2K, I've recently been given a second internet home for myself & my band at THE PROGRESSIVE ROCK RADIO NETWORK. Jon's Prog2k site is THE promo source for new, serious art/progressive/fusion rock. Our page there includes MP3 clips of ALL tracks on the ELEGIES CD.

March, 2000 - It's time to "give link" to our trusty virtuoso on drums - YUTAKA UCHIDA whom I'm so honored to have play in my band.

January 1, 2000 - Urban Productions welcomes singer/songwriter Marshall Zarne for the recording of his four song demo project. Marshall will be recording three original songs, plus a cover of the Scott Free ballad "When I Was Alive" from Scott's critically acclaimed and very cacaphonous GETTING OFF album. In addition to production and engineering, I'll be contributing guitars,keys and who knows what else.

January 25, 2000 The new short independent art film by director Shawn Postoff entitled "Paradise Attempted" (Resolute Pictures, Inc.) has been released and will be appearing in art film festivals across North America. "Paradise Attempted" is a dreamy, zenlike tale of a young man's relationship with the porn film industry, and features music by Enya, Arthur Loves Plastic, Dave Hall and myself.

A must for every intelligent web surfer (and especially for musicians) is Larry-Bob's Music World. It's just about the freshest thing out there - and a virtual cornholecopia of essential,artsy and radical info. Seriously folks - I cancelled my subscription to the NY Times in exchange for daily visits to this ultra hip netherworld.

Check out the world's two greatest fans of hard rock/heavy metal (no - it's not Beavis & Butthead) but the awesome dudes Pete & Chris on the GayrockerZ Website. They've got it all down - from Alice in Chains to Zeppelin - and the hundreds of queer head-bangers who chat there know more about metal music than any straight guy I've ever jammed with.


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