Music CD Review by ROBERT URBAN


Well - I felt there was genius (albeit MAD) lurking somehere within the
angry maelstrom of Scott Free's last CD - "Getting Off", but nothing in
that aural assault or in the cacophony of it's live show could've clued me
in to Scott's other side -
the organizational/producer wizard that has come up with a true masterpiece
- "The Living Dead". Turns out the guy's Apollonian side is even
more massive than his Dionysian (!?!)

Simply put - with the "The Living Dead", Scott Free has delivered nothing
less than a Sargeant Pepper's album for our millenial times. I do not say
such things lightly. Listening thru to the end seems to give some kind of
full account of our lives. What a beautiful, sophisticated and varied
collection of popular song styles! From acoustic rock to thrash punk to
lounge to retro disco to some kinda avant-garde classical. Each song
reveals a really interesting rich singing voice, backed by a veritable
encyclopedia of studio vocal effects and crazy vocal sounds. (have I got
tech questions for you, Scott!)

In a way - I'm reminded of the great solo efforts of artists like Frank
Zappa, Todd Rundgrun and the lesser talented Trent Reznor. And my ears are
jumpin' all over the place trying to catch the myriad of clever panning,
eq, sound effects & other production tricks - from beatlesque to hip-hop in style.
The ultra-clever lyrical barbs he flings at both the gay & straight
establishments are totally cool with this listener. The Living Dead is
living proof that both worlds are ready to deal with it. (I actually
think the hetero world's gonna LOVE this CD.)

Musicians & independent producers - gay or straight - Beware! - Scott Free
has just singlehandedly upped the ante for all of us. Rarely have I heard
something that makes me wanna jump back into the recording studio the way
this album has.

One last thing - Scott - in the last year you've mentioned concerns you've
had regarding both your health and your finances. I just want you to know
- not only does The Living Dead sound like one of the HEALTHIEST artistic
expressions I've ever heard, but it also sounds like someone threw a
MILLION BUCKS at it. You should be very proud of yourself.

Robert Urban


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