Sunday, July 20, 2003 - 8:30pm - door $5
A special, TRAX-artist concert featuring
a galaxy of star performers from the vibrant techno/track music scene featuring:


musical host - ROBERT URBAN

live-in-concert photos from the show!



RUBBERLEGS - "Thank you so much for making our debut performance at Meow Mix so incrediblyspecial. It was our first full 45-minute set, and it truly felt "like the first time." It was wonderful to finally be able to hear what we were singing and playing -- ahh, the luxury of monitors! We loved sharing the evening with our fellow "track stars" Terry Christopher, SATURN, Michael DeMontagnes and *V*I*R*G*O*, and couldn't have found a better or warmer pair
of performing hosts than Robert Urban and YOLANDA. And to all of our friends who showed up to see and support us, "y'all ROCK." - Gordon Smith

Tim, a.k.a. The Timinator, took a whole bunch of great photos that we'd like to share with you, so I've posted them on our web site: Rubberlegs Meow Mix Gallery




"Robert and Yolanda,
THANK YOU! for having me at Meow Men's night! And for providing a venue for the GLBT talent to have a
place to work and grow! You both ROCK!!! That was so much fun and exactly what I had hoped to find in our
community of music makers...fun, good times and support! What an awesome show! Anytime you need me...call me... What a success!" Hugs, Terry Christopher



Robert, I just wanted to write and say again thank you for the opportunity to perform in NY!  I had a great time!  
Everyone was extremely supportive and so generous.  As someone who is new to music and singing live, 
this was an awesome way to "get my feet wet" so to speak.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous, 
but now I can't wait for a return visit!  - SATURN





musical host


"Urban Productions BOLDLY Presents" is now enjoying it's 4th year of producing, promoting & hosting live, multi-artist shows - bringing special line-ups of musical talent to audiences everywhere.

Check out Robert's brand new 2003 cd release ROCK WIDOW


See live-in-concert photos & line-ups of past Urban Productions' Shows

MEOW MIX MEN'S NIGHTS, brought to you in tandem by YOLANDA & ROBERT URBAN, welcomes all genders & orientations - (We luv to MIX IT UP!)


LIve-in-Concert Photos & StoneWall Society Review by ROBERT URBAN. Visit: The StoneWall Society Website









(see below)


Described as"the wackiest electronic duo since the Flying Lizards",
and "a cross between Devo and the Captain and Tenille" (!), Rubberlegs like to think of themselves as midwives in the process of birthing waveforms. Though they will always be three musically codependent friends, in many lifetimes of group therapy,

Rubberlegs have recently reinvented themselves as a performing duo. "Coming out" of the studio at last, thanks to Carol Markowitz and the wonderful Outmusic family, they are dedicating their first-ever live performances to their dear departed partner Bob. They were thrilled when "China Too" and "People Who Talk in Elevators" made it into the Top 5 on MP3.com's New Wave chart, and they hope Bob is listening as they bring these and other songs out for people to hear at last.Also



Terry Christopher calls New York City home but says that having been born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada otherwise known as the City of Entertainment, had a huge impact in his love affair with the stage. At an early age the performing bug bit him and he has never looked back. Though Terry received his BFA in dance, singing and songwriting were always in the mix. His new CD, Take Another Look, is the product of that love affair.

After a few years on the road touring Europe, the U.S., Canada and Mexico in musical stage productions, being a featured lead singer in various revues and getting his groove on for choreographers like Barry Lather, Arlene Phillips, Jerry Jackson and Michael Peters, Terry decided it was time to write down his words and sing his own songs. With so much free time while on the road, notebook after notebook were filled with lyrics and song ideas. Those ideas were placed on hold until the time was right and they are now breathing freely on his new disc, Take Another Look.



Recordings: Moderate Extremism

*V*I*R*G*O* is New York City's bad boy of Queer-Alternative music. His debut single 'Alpha Male' has received international airplay and was listed as one of Outvoice's top 50 songs of 2001. *V*I*R*G*O* has been defined as a groove scientist, always seeking new sounds and innovative ways to create them. From these sounds, he weaves rich rhythmic and harmonic textures which carry intricate detail for the skilled listener. His 'Moderate Extremism' debut LP continues to push the limits of genre and technology.



Multifaceted singer/songwriter, Michael DeMontagnes, has been writing since age ten. He won several awards for poetry and placed first in the Pennsylvania All State Chorus Festival in 1992.  Was accepted at Mansfield's University for Music.  Unable to get a start anywhere, Michael gave up on his dream of doing anything musically until the spring of 2002.  Now working with a Grammy Award winning studio, Michael and his producer Dave Gerhart, have been creating some of today's most cutting edge music.  Finishing up with his first promotional CD "Walls Tumbling" in September of 2002. Michael has been receiving attention across the world....from NY to Australia. We look forward to many more recordings in the future.  Look for Michael's music at www.cdbaby.com or www.galaris.com


"When I grow up, I want to be a pop idol." And the seed was planted early. When Saturn was five, if you awoke early enough on a Sunday morning, you'd catch him outside on the porch, his tiny feet buried in his grandmother's high heels and her Sunday hat falling lopsided on his head, singing out his favorite gospel hymns to the top of his lungs. Fast forward twenty years and he's lost the heels and the hat, but he's still singing. Graduating with honors from Texas Christian University with a degree in TV/Film/Theatre, Saturn pursued acting instead of music. He's had leading roles in numerous professional shows including "Six Degrees of Separation", "Johnnie B. Goode", "Angels in America", and "Much Ado About Nothing". He also starred in the Independent film "Playin' for the Kitty". While busy acting, he also won awards with his short stories and screenplays and worked alongside J. Todd Harris (producer of the recent "Urbania") for J. Todd Harris Productions in LA.

In September of 2001, however, Saturn decided to do what he had always dreamed of since childhood and pursue a career in music. Having written over 200 songs, he taught himself to play each part of every song on "The Virgin Poet". The final product is a pop album which he solely conceptualized, wrote, composed and produced. Most recently, Saturn was honored to be a featured artist on Audiofile. Audiofile is a segment of This Way Out, a gay and lesbian radio news magazine that is broadcast nationally on over 130 stations. It is only the beginning of what promises to be a long and fascinating career.www.iamsaturn.com

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