2002 Outmusic Members Choice Award

Supporting Statements

Scott Howard - "Robert Urban would be the perfect choice for the Outmusic "Outstanding Support" Award.; He gives selflessly of himself; to organizations such as LIFEBEAT; and also to other lgbt artists like myself by coordinating concerts that help us all".

Jeremy Blue - DreamBorn Productions "Robert Urban's presence in the LGBT music scene has been a considerable support to the emergence of my performing career. He has voluntarily included me in gigs he has produced, including live performances and radio broadcasts, and has even set up my CD release party this May, all for no fee. Furthermore, he has been someone I could talk to in times of anxiety and fear about the realities of the music industry, and has offered a simple, sincere response of encouragement to my insecurities. I am most grateful for his willingness to provide me with such valuable support at such a difficult time in my career - the beginning!"

Barbara Powell, LIFEBEAT Talent Co-ordinator - "When I called Robert to help us find artists for LIFEBEAT's Hearts & Voices Program, he rose above and beyond what I asked for. He immediately recruited himself, generously donated his time, and got others involved - thus helping the program to grow. I acknowlege his invaluable contribution and unbelievable enthusiasm"

Wolfgang Busch, Digital Video Productio - "Dear Robert Urban, It is with great pleasure that I extend my highest recommendations to you. Your success and outstanding networking contributions for the LGBT music community goes far beyond. Your encouragements and the drive to push musicians to a higher level is exceptional. Your free networking services for my current film project "How Do I Look" has been helping me with music by artists such as: Jaime Montalvo and Dutchboy. Your effort to create the web site for the movie has received wonderful response from the Ballroom community. Through your art and personality, you have clearly shown your potential to make a significant contribution to the LGBT music community. I wish you the best for many happy years ahead."

Toshi Nakayama - "Mr. Robert Urban helped me tremendously for my musical growth. He was kind enough to accompany me in the Out Music Open Mic and the concert produced by himself. By the good reaction I received from the audience for my song, I could have brand new confidence in myself as a song writer. It was not possible without Robert's generosity. He is totally worth receiving this award. I am very happy that Out Music recognizes his selfless dedication to music- that is his ultimate love."

David Johannson - "Robert had been introduced to me as a guitar and singing teacher. At this point in my life, I was extremely fed up with the bar scene and the gay world in general. Robert was interesting to me because he could identify with me, what I had been through, and my love for music. He also introduced to me a whole new world of "out" musicians. This was a whole new world I was not even aware of. I was amazed at the versatility, and talent of the people I met. Many of my shallow pre-conceptions were shattered. Because of Robert I was able to watch many other musicians perform, and be out on stage; each one was a real peson, with a unique personality. I was even inspired to write a song about my difficult experiences of learning to play a guitar; and in one of my proudest moments actually sang my first open mic for Out Music. Ever supportive, Robert encouraged & coached me to perform my first-ever song, and even accompanied me in my debut perfomance."

Julie Goldman -AKA INDIGO ETHERIDGE "Robert has given me musical advice, both creatively and technically. He has opened doors for me within the out music community, and has added a whole level of professionalism and excitement to my project that I cannot say enough. Indigo Etheridge and The Band wouldn't be half as good if it wasn't for Robert's willingness to really take a risk, and be a part of this openly gay, and I am talking WAY gay project".

Paul Gioia, SUN Music Company, NYC - "Robert Urban has done a great job producing shows at The SUN Music Company, an acoustic music venue in NYC. He has successfully booked a variety of talented musicians of the gay and lesbian community and put together shows that are of the highest musical quality. Robert handles all aspects of the production, from booking the performers to doing the publicity - with ease and a refreshing sense of humor. Robert is occasionally musical host of SUN Music's OPEN MIC. As host he has introduced and encouraged new gay & lesbian songwriters, often accompanying new singers and new songwriters by playing guitar for them. Robert fosters a lively & cheerfull atmosphere which helps everyone relax and enjoy the performances. It's a pleasure to have him at SUN Music".

John Raymond Pollard - "Dear Robert - "Thanks for always keeping the community in mind." (in response to post for glbt artists with new cds to perform at upcoming May 31 "Urban Productions BOLDLY Presents" Concert and submitted with permission as statement of support)

Mike James, RedSiren Records - "Robert Urban has been an excellent resource, helping me network within the GLBT music community, offering accommodations when I perform in nyc, and helping me set up live appearances, both in front of audiences and for radio. He has accompanied me, on guitar, flawlessly and often on short notice".

Nick DeJesu - "Robert Urban has been instrumental in motivating me to find the true performer within myself- by getting me out of the studio and in front of a life audience".

Richard Isen- "Robert continues to support us all with this outstanding musicianship (his willingness to play our songs), the concerts he produces and general wonderfulness!"


Included in "Ten Important Voices in Modern Rock" annual survey by PROGRESS REPORT music magazine, Vol 2, #3, March 2001

Nominated for an INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD (IMA), polled by The Music Research Group organization and sponsored by The Musician's Atlas

Instrumental Film Score composed & recorded for upcoming Todd Russell, THR Productions gay horror film - "Dead Guys", set for summer 2002 release

2001 GLBT Festivals/Events/Benefits - Performed at NYC Pride Festival Rally, Connecticut Pride Festival, NYC LADYFEST Benefit, Northhampton MA Women's Comedy Festival, NYC www.GIRLCOMIC.NET Benefit, Brooklyn Unitarian Society Gay/Straight Alliance Concert (all proceeds donated to 9/11)

March 2001 - Songs from "Elegies" and "godless" Robert Urban CDs selected for inclusion in - "Voices One" and "Voices Two" compilation CDs - honoring artists who perform 100% of the instruments & vocals in recorded music. Produced by ACID DRAGON rock radio & magazine & distributed in America by Neurosis Records.

Summer/Fall 2001 - Volunteer Liason to GLBT music community, including Outmusic members, for LIFEBEAT (The Music Industry Fights AIDS) in their HEARTS & VOICES program. Through Hearts & Voices, artists perform for people with AIDS in healthcare facilities throughout Manhattan. Worked with 2001 LIFEBEAT talent co-ordinator Barbara Powell placing LGBT artists into shows.

Summer/Fall 2001 - Producer - "Urban Productions BOLDLY Presents" live-in-concert Manhattan Cable TV one hour concert program, featuring eight glbt musical artists, including Outmusic members. At least 6 airings in 2001.

2001 - Volunteer committee member, empowerment speaker at LGBT Community Center meetings and website design for HOW DO I LOOK Documentary Film and Artistic Empowerment Program for young, black/latino vogue artists from the GLBT "Harlem Ball Scene" community. Successfully scouted & networked to place songs by LGBT artists (including Outmusic members) in HOW DO I LOOK film score. (see

2001 - Producer/Promoter/Host - "Urban Productions BOLDLY Presents" glbt live-in-concert music series. Concert showcase series featuring many established, new & debut glbt artists, including many Outmusic members. (all concert webpages at for music series dates, cast of lgbt performers and venues) July 2001 - Producer/Host - "Open Wide for Pride" 2001 Pride Week Open Mic at Sun Music Co., NYC. Featured many established, new & debut glbt artists, including Outmusic members performers and audience. The most successful open mic event in the club's history. The above voluntary live music events-producing included : - providing free rehearsal space for those performers who needed it; - placing artists in glbt press (e.g. NY Blade, HX, radio, etc,); - creating photo-bio webpages and weblinks for all artists in the "Boldly Presents" concert series. Additional voluntary work included providing accompaniment, song arrangement, song chart writing, and copyright form instruction for artists who needed it. Overnight accomodations provided for out-of-town artists needing a place to stay.

September 2001 - Arranged for live radio interview/on-air performance for all GLBT performers in "Urban Productions Boldly Presents" Acoustic Café Connecticut show on Pam Smith's Amazon Radio Show WPKN in Bridgeport, CT

Summer 2001 - Urban Productions charitable monetary donation to This Way Out/ Audio File's fund raising campaign.

2001 - Actively participated with other Outmusic members in successfully chang ing & improving the 2001 Outmusic and OMA infrastructures - leading to the improved & expanded 2002 Outmusic and OMA infrastructures.

2001 - Urban Productions Recording Studio - granted discounted recording studio rates for glbt clients, including Outmusic members - helping glbt artists realize their songs. Successfully networked between independent film industry producers & Urban Productions' studio clients - placing songs by two different glbt artists (both 2001 Outmusic members - Dutchboy & Marshall Zarne) - into two different glbt films. Voluntary off-premise session work at other recording studios for glbt recording projects in need, including projects of Outmusic members. Additional free song copyright assistance and/or song chart writing and/or composing and/or arranging and/or producing and/or session musician work for glbt artists' recording projects in need.

May 2001 - Post-concert reception/all night party hosted for all "Urban Productions" concert attendees & performers. An annual and sometimes bi-annual tradition of great fun & great networking for the glbt music community. Attended by many Outmusic members.

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