Released in the Summer of 1999,"who i was" is an ultra-retro romp of nine big artsy over-the-top rocking songs. Stylistically different from both from "godless"and Elegies, "who i was" revels in high, soaring, harmony-laden vocals, searing electric guitar and synth solos, huge drumming, and classic progressive rock production. Lofty, idealistic lyrics are reminiscent of rock's early FM, non-commercial days. Chronicling a series of recording sessions that took place over the years to capture Robert's most ambitious rock creations, "who i was" also features the talents of synth wizard Keith Daniell, wunderkind drummer Joey Readon and virtuoso sound engineer Peter Hodgson. Part retrospective, part anthology-it is, more than anything else,the sound of kindred spirits having a whole lotta fun in the studio.

Who We Were
Robert Urban Joey Reardon

Keith Daniell Steve Sullivan

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Peter Hodgson Sound engineer who mixed all the songs on "who i was".

And if my spirit's falling
I never fear
I hear Adventures calling
to set me free..."


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