I saw

inspiration as death-wish
idea as victim
author as assassin
pen as dagger

ink as embalming fluid
page as slab
book as casket
cover as lid

title as epitaph
introduction as eulogy
copyright as death certificate
cover-art as death-mask

reference list as next-of-kin
printing date as time of demise
price as 30 pieces of silver
ensuing edition as return of the dead

I saw

editor as mortician
contributor as accomplice
book-lover as necromancer
agent as carrion worm

publication as funeral
proofreading as autopsy
warehouse as charnel
book-burning as pyre

library as mausoleum
university as cemetary
scholar as grave-robber
review as obituary

collected works as family plot
anonymous works as unmarked tombs
reading as archeology
literature as mass grave

all with respect to the miracle of thought...

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