Mosquitoes the morphic torpor
Of Aether's grand indifferent scheme
An Impulse wakes, disturbing the Soma
And something... ancient... calls across
This sleepy world tonight

For here and there, contractions form
Compressed by common origin's weight
They slip, and slowly start to swirl
And under the increased influence fall
In on themselves... condensing together

Compelled as one they spiral down
To inbred orbits, tightly bound
By Nature's bent for circular paths
And the pull of Her great dark heart.
Now life seeks life as satellites 'round gravity

Lacking in meaning, abundant in energy,
As when uncounted winged bodies whir
And hum in wanting unison
The dense mass rotates, profoundly imbued,
While motive-force propels the dynamo

Enclosed within its species' sphere
The spawning drive accelerates
It spins and weaves in blind unrest
It vies for flitting insect-touch
It meets by chance and breeds within the maelstrom

Occasional strays spinoff in tandem
In awkward but determined aeronautical frisks
They revel briefly o'er the horde
Then dive, convolving, back again
To the enfolding arms of Saturnalia's ring

Hungry for contact, relentless in chase,
Converging in flux with high-pitched cries,
With crooked legs that wildly claw
The wind, with heartless stares from compound
Eyes, with senses singed by stimuli -

Fixations burn and bear down hard
While honed, alert antennae probe
With quivering flicks, past chitinous walls,
And feel their way toward hidden slits
Wherein lie fleeting membranous rewards

And once inside, secretions rise
Oozing frothy pheromonal
Spew - to consummate the tart
Release - to overflow the primal
Need - to glut the instinct through and through

But naught remains in Passion's wake
Save silken strands of mucus wisping
Limply on the breeze...
And spent imagos, thinly scattered,
Adrift and dazed in airborne sleep

Thus life seeks life, in gauzy blurs
Of chrysalid youth transmogrified
Anew - in lingering eyries' avid
View - the minions teem to find their
Fate - at growth's sad end - an urge to mate

Life seeks life... seeks life... seeks life...
In soft little galaxies filled with desire
In constellations "Culicidae"
Silently hovering while knotting themselves
In the cool moist air this midsummer's night

Life answers questions asked
In eternal returns to carnal compulsion
And yes, my friend, its rather like
Mosquitoes... swarming... around and around
The empty center... humans call "love"

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