In Search of Normality

                                      from across the room...
                                           from across the street...
                                                from across the galaxy...
                                      I stare at them hard			
                                      my eyesight burning
                                      beyond their expressions...
                                           beyond their clothing...
                                               beyond their skin...

                                      once inside
                                      my perception telescopes down
                                      to smaller, deeper microscopic stratums
                                           within their organs...
                                                within their tissues...
                                                     within their very cells...

                                      now I'm scanning them
                                      on the molecular level
                                      scrutinizing each rung
                                      on curved DNA ladders

                                      along double-helixes of identity
                                      I hover, spiral, dip & weave
                                      compelled in my quest
                                      like a modern Ahab
                                      I seek the gene responsible
                                           for what's missing
                                                in someone

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