sacred arching BLUE of heaven
                                      tearing all itself apart
                                      enter aether's vacuum cold
                                      hunger rushing in & out
                                      GREEN of life exposed
                                      shrivelling BROWN beneath
                                      the ultra's violent RED
                                      spectrums... wavelengths... decomposing
                                      mathematics lost in solar wind
                                      sonic landscapes crackling PINK
                                      noise's nondescriptive din
                                      liquids sickened SILVER-sweet
                                      hissing hot resentments
                                      sucked evaporating up through
                                      howling PURPLish thermal whorls
                                      fallen YELLOW mother of day
                                      bleached a stark & godless WHITE
                                      screaming nuclear sword across
                                      the breast of nature bared
                                      searing senses soddered shut
                                      blank reflections... boiling tones
                                      aftermaths of random static
                                      spurts & mute frissons of absolute


                                      thisless thatless artless void
                                      aspects of thing subtracted
                                      down to a single hue -
                                      neutral & true

                                      (like a photo of the moon)

                                      one... last...
                                      GREY rainbow
                                      one last law of motion one last
                                      faint irradiated human point of view...

                                      and the great sparkling BLACK of eternity
                                      present all the while just
                                      hidden & unconscious

                                      coming forth
                                      full in glory

                                      like a
                                      negative sunrise
                                      over all

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