Oct 9, 2007 - In Celebration of NATIONAL COMING OUT WEEK: A special edition of Rainbow Reading @ Pisces Cafe in Babylon Long Island - Sponsored by PRIDE ALLIANCE OF LONG ISLAND and POETS WEAR PRADA - Special guest host: ROBERT URBAN - featuring: VITTORIA REPETTO, JEE LEONG KOH, DOROTHY FRIEDMAN, JEE LEONG KOH, ROBERT URBAN, MELISSA CLARK, THOMAS MARCH.

"Robert, I wanted to thank you, once again, for the excellent job you did hosting last evening's event! I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and our "extended drive" to get there is simply regarded as part of the mini-vacation we enjoyed on Tuesday. Everyone was so nice and we look forward to future events and chances to share music, again! I want to thank you for your encouragement and enthusiasm in this very subdivided world of music, sexual orientation, and gender identity. I am very glad we finally had a chance, in October, to simply sit down and talk, as well as listen to each other's music". - singer/songwriter Melissa Clark

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to Thank you again for sharing of yourself, the event was special to me in that it truly encompassed the community as a whole with representation from every fascet. Through your many talents and smiling faces the atmosphere was that of warmth and friendship....and thats all anyone could really ask. I truly hope to see you all again at future Rainbow Readings or Planned Events.....Your creativity and writing abilities truly need to be applauded. Thank you so very much. with admiration and great appreciation" - Kevin Wisher, Pride Alliance of Long Island


"Robert, Jee Leong, Vittoria, Terry, Barbara and
Melissa, I justed wanted to thank you all for sharing your amazing talents, words and music with us last night.
A truely awesome show. Love you all!" - Roxy, POETS WEAR PRADA