The NYC LGBT CENTER in association with URBAN PRODUCTIONS presents:

"RIDE ON!" Benefit Concert - October 10, 2004

co-hosted by ROBERT URBAN and M. SHANE

live-in-concert photos by JEFFREY BONACCI of MANIK GRAFIK

KIM CHAR MEREDITH rocks the house

the cast of stars takes a bow

in order of appearance...





- "I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for such a wonderful night. To be amongst such a talented group of artists is such an honor. Ride On! happened in the blink of an eye, but the memories of each and every one of your performances will keep me inspired for a long time. The ride and the performance were so dear to me, and you all contributed time and hard work to such a meaningful cause. I look forward to seeing and perhaps working with you all very soon. I would like to say a very special thanks to Robert for being such a great support and pulling in so much great talent. Kim Char and Mara, thanks so much for your travels. Ladies, it meant a lot" - M. Shane.


TOSH MANA - bass & vocals
; ROBERT URBAN - guitars & lead vocal


"What a joy to work with such fine performers! Congrats all around - special thanks to Wolfgang Busch for holding it all together on sound - What an awesome world tour show we'd together make!!!" - R.U.

"Thanks all, esp. Robert and Shane, for inviting me to be part of a very special evening! I always have a great time playing with Robert, Tosh and Anthony, and it was an added bonus to meet so many fun people and engaging and talented performers. Hope we can do it again sometime." - Gordon Smith aka Peg Rubberleg 


"Thanks everyone so much - it was truly an honor to share the stage with such accomplished musicians last night. Thanks especially to Shane and Robert - you clearly worked really hard to put the event together, and it couldn't have gone more smoothly." - M. Levi



SUPERSIZE is: DOGWOOD BARK (aka Terry Rothlein) - lead vocal; ANTHONY MAULLELA - drumming;
TOSH MANA - bass; ROBERT URBAN - guitar


"Thanks Robert. I wanted to let you know I really appreciate your support and encouragement, and giving me these opportunities to perform. It means a lot to me. all the best" - Terry


"The Ride On event was fantastic! And I couldn't have felt more honored to have been there!" - SCANDELLE


- "Aloha, Wow, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my visit to NY, the Ride On! concert...and meeting all of you! I was feeling kinda isolated after my recent move from Hawaii to the mainland, so it was a joy to hook up with fellow artists who are passionate about both their music and our community! What a treat. Props to Robert and M. Shane on producing a meaningful event, and to Wolfgang for running sound." - KIM CHAR MEREDITH


"Dear Robert - I was rewarded with great music. So thank you for mothering all our music." - Andrew Bailis - OUTMUSIC

"Robert darlink - The show at the Center has left quite an impression on people, congratulations and thanks for the shout out" - Wolfgang Busch (sound - dj - filmmaker ) HOW DO I LOOK.  

"Hi Robert, I wanted to thank you one more time for being such an important part of the Ride On! benefit concert. It was a huge undertaking and we really appreciate all you did to make it a success. I hope we get a chance to work together again in the future".  - Blake Strasser - BRAKING THE CYCLE

"I would first like to say thank you to all of you for being such good sports the other night at the benefit. I had such a wonderful time photographing you I can’t even begin to tell you." - JEFFREY BONACCI, "RIDE ON" concert photographer

Special thanks to LEN of STONEWALL SOCIETY for the contacts & promo; to WOLFGANG BUSCH for the fab sound; to ace photographer JEFFREY BONACI for the live-in-concert photos; to KEN & KEISHA of the RADICAL FAERIES for your support; to ANDREW BAILIS of OUTMUSIC for your support; to Global Impact Tours for the "And So We Ride" slide show backdrop; to Blackwatch Productions for videotaping the RIDE ON concert; to BLAKE STRASSER of BRAKING THE CYCLE for the motivational appearances and SPECIAL THANKS to all who rode in the AIDS bike ride.

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