Robert & Morgan - partners since August, 1988

at the Excellence Playa de Mujeres Resort, Tulum Mexico 2009

with a rare "Aztec" dog at the resort's zoo - Mexico 2009

Fresh water Kayaking through the Yucatan Mexico 2009

Robert repelling in the Yucatan jungle, Mexico 2009

at the Metropolitan Opera House 2009


Our Christmas 2009 holiday greeting card

Christmas 2009

November, 2006 Penang Lounge, NYC

March 2006 St. Bart's Caribbean


at the 4/24/06 FRESH FRUIT FESTIVAL Awards Gala, Knitting Factory, NYC

at the June 2006 Outmusic OMA Music Awards, Knitting Factory, NYC - with Jeremy Hovies of Sirius Radio

Troy at 3 weeks

Sailing the Caribbean - 2004

Pinhead adopts Troy

Eden Rock on St. Barth's, Caribbean February 2002                  Shell Beach on St. Barth's,Caribbean, February 2002
 Morgan and Pin                                             Morgan and 3 month-old Troy
Halloween 2006 at Penang Lounge NYC                    Halloween 2005 w/friends at Arlene Grocery NYC (which one's Morgan?)


   Backstage at CBGB's, NYC - 1991                                New Year's Eve (our first) at The Bike Stop
                                                                                 NYC 1988/89

Robert and Troy in our garden - spring 2007

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