Urban Productions BOLDLY Presents:

Monday, Sept 6th, 2004 - C-Note Bar, NYC

with special guests Rob Anderson, Andy Mullen & Robert Urban

visit: www.worldofrogerkuhn.com

"One can hardly imagine a talent more READY for his close-up than this exciting young singer/songwriter/performer from NYC.  With his rich, thick  voice and solid rhythmic power of his guitar stumming... with his handsome looks and winning smile... Roger delivers songs detailing the search for love, sex, truth, spiritual & sensual awakening.  Though unique unto himself in sound & appearance, one cannot help but feel the same raw thrill, fun and confidence in Roger as in the young Elvis." - Robert Urban, URBAN PRODUCTIONS, NYC

Robert Urban & Roger Kuhn performing Sheryl Crow's song WEATHER CHANNEL

Rockin' Roger

Hangin' with friends & colleages after the show
including - left to right: Rob Anderson, Chris, Robert Urban, Roger Kuhn, Amy Griffin, Andy Mullen

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