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Pauline Park NYAGRA                                        John Cooper KEYNOTE SPEAKER                                                        Eileen Novack
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Robert & Georgie team up for an encore

Long Island Commemorates Trans Violence

Gay City News - 11.22.06

More than 100 people filled the sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington to remember transgendered victims of hate
at the Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial service held there on Sunday evening. The November 19 service was the second annual such commemoration on Long Island
and one of nearly 50 similar events held around the nation and the world, from Las Vegas to London, from San Diego to Sydney.

(photo below) Following the event, the lead organizer of the event, Eileen Novack, was joined by Juli Owens,
founder and executive director of the Long Island Transgender Advocacy Coalition (LITAC); Pauline Park, chair of the New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy;
Georgie Jessup, an openly transgendered singer/songwriter who accompanied herself on the piano and guitar as she sang her own songs at the service; Christina Taylor,
a member of the organizing committee; and Robert Urban (standing in back), an openly gay singer/songwriter and guitarist who also performed.

Other speakers included Diane Freedman; Jon Cooper, the out gay majority leader of the Suffolk County Legislature; and Donna Riley,
coordinator of Long Island Trans Experience (LITE) and of transgender services at Long Island Gay & Lesbian Youth (LIGALY). Other performers included Beverly Boyarsky, Barbara Brunette
, Ashley David, and the Unitarian Fellowship's choir. The organizations co-sponsoring the event included the Unitarian Fellowship, LITE, LIGALY, LITAC, Long Island Femme Expression,
FemmeFever, and Auntie M's Helping Hands.

(group photo left to right - Eileen Novack, Juli Owens, Pauline Park, Robert Urban (top), Georgie Jessup, Christine Taylor - Membership Director of the Transgender American Veterens)

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington, NY

Links to Performers: Robert Urban, Beverly Boyarsky, Georgie Jessup

Transgender Day of Remembrance contacts: Eileen Thomas, Juli Owens

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