ZOMBIES film score by Robert Urban

2005 OUTMUSIC Award nominee finalist:

BEST NEW RECORDING (instrumental category) for ZOMBIES film score

Aug 25th - ZOMBIES film (film score by ROBERT URBAN) premieres at
IndyOutties - Kansas City, MO's Friendly Film Festival

ZOMBIES screens Sept 29, 2004 - at the NEW FILMMAKERS FILM FEST
Anthology Film Archives Theater, 32 2nd Ave, NYC - with live appearances by cast and crew.


Directed by Alex Dove - Music by Robert Urban

includes a featured song by Scott Free

The man you love is the monster you fear... Five years ago when Christian sold his soul to the dark powers of Samuel he was promised a life free of guilt and no recollection of his sins. A world where a small cabal of handsome killers, Zombies, seduce and pray upon innocent men at will. Zombies follows Christian on a downward spiral as his memory awakens from the numb life he's grown accustomed to. His past causes the line between madness and sanity to blur. Taunted by the young men he brutally killed, misunderstood by his best friend, Jason, and victimized by his chief rival, Cain, Christian seeks refuge in the supporting embrace of Matthew. Christian is forced to choose between a life of absolute power or abandon his dark existence and walk the Earth as a mortal. Brutality, horror, violence and a unique story of love, revenge and gay male blood lust give this project a groundbreaking twist heralded by the Boston Phoenix as "the first in boy meets boy horror."

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