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left to right - Robert Urban, Chuck of Temptress, Steve, Morgan Humphries, Mercury Mad of Vibralux
below - photographers Maureen & Chris

musical host: ROBERT URBAN

ARLENE'S GROCERY - 95 Stanton Street NYC Sunday, Oct 30th, 2005 - 9pm til Midnight

(photos by: Roger Kuhn, Robert Godley, Chris, Maureen and anonymous fans)


Robert Urban - guitars/vocals; Anthony DeMarco - drumming; Rob Micucci - bass




"Robert thank you for everything; being you, supporting us, and the rest of the community that you support
who may or may not realize your talent, beauty, and heart. Love ya, love your show" - Lexxxis, VIBRALUX


"I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Trans Rock Halloween concert in New York on October 30th. Robert Urban was fantastic, exhibited great showmanship and, in addition to being a rockin' guitarist and composer, is a powerful vocalist as well. Not too many singers can hold such control over falsetto parts at high volume levels but Robert made you think it was easy (it isn't)! I like the seeming ease with which he sings (he has an appealingly Bono-like quality to his voice and I'm not talkin' Sonny, either) and how many other three-piece bands can pull off an epic selection like "Cashmiere" and still make it sound so awesome? I'm not exaggerating when I say that it made the fur on my arms stand up! Cool wardrobe, by the way! Vibra-Lux hit the stage next and they were outrageously and wickedly irreverent and tight performers. I really enjoyed them. Next up were the trailer trash pleasures of Temptress and I laughed my ass off. Gotta see them again sometime. Glad to be there and I had fun, man!" - Mike Fass (Drummer Bear) www.drummerbear.com


"Hi, Robert..... Just a note of congrats for the great work you're doing showcasing TG artists"
- JD Doyle, KPFT 90.1 FM Radio, Houston, TX


shots from the crowd




click here to see VIBRALUX onstage

click here to see Temptress onstage

click here to see TEMPTRESS, ROBERT URBAN and VIBRALUX performing on the FUTURE OF ROCK float at the 2005 NYC Halloween Parade

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