is a moving and brilliantly produced album - weaving elements of pop rock, acid rock and dreamlike, balladic art-rock. To his credit, Urban manages to stay true to the genre, while not taking away the soft elements that made "godless" so intoxicating" - JEFFREY L. NEWMAN, New York Blade News

"Further proof of just how wide-ranging the scope of gay male music can be - Urban's guitar work is something to behold!" - GREGG SHAPIRO, Outlines Magazine, Chicago

"I have ELEGIES rotating in my playlist. My channel is one of six on The Progressive Rock Radio Network playing it - and in fact, I quite enjoy it! Thanks for the great CD!" - ED HURST, Program Director, "Yurstunes" Radio

"ELEGIES is a great intro to Robert Urban's music. His guitar ROCKS, with a theatrical center!" - PATRICK ARENA, Outvoice Music Review

"Thank you for sending me Robert Urban's new CD. This is a fine album! I enjoy listening to it very much and will feature it on my next show with sincerest pleasure" - VLADISLAV PETCHNIKOV, Parallels Progressive Rock Radio Show - Radio KUKU - Tallin, Estonia

"Thanks for sending ELEGIES! I'll be using "Elegie & March of the Fallen Lovers" on this week's show, and I expect other songs from the album will find their way into the program during the weeks and months ahead. Very nice work!" - THE TRIP WITH CLAY GAUNCE,WRFL Prog Rock Radio, Lexington, KY

"Artist of the Week - 7/20/00 - Really Great Stuff!" - JON P.YARGER - Director, Progressive Rock Radio Network - www.progradio.net

"Robert Urban's music is a revelation from the exhilarating opening bars of THE WAITING SONG to his thoughtful interpretation of Oliver Messiaen's LOUANGE. J'ACCUSE is one of the greatest environmental protest songs I've ever heard - I LOVE the instrumental part at the end - wished it could have gone on longer! Do yourself a favour and check this CD out!" - PHIL JACKSON, Acid Dragon Progressive Rock Magazine, England

"I am impressed!" Robert is obviously a craftsman not only in performance of his material but also in composition. Very solid, never over-blown, understated where it needs to be, and always approached with style!" - RIBEAU - Deep Art Radio, Colorado

"Now let me get this right - An openly gay man, playing in his own rock band that doesn't suck... and you even like Led Zeppelin. Have I been thrust thru some cosmic vortex into an alternate universe or what!?!? Dude - You totally rock! And by the way - Thanks for being a gay musician with balls!" - FUZZYROCKERDUDE - Professional Roadie, Ohio

"I thank you for sending your exellent CD. Our progressive rock show has over 100,000 listeners. You will be part of our regular programming, and I hope our collaboration lasts a long time!" - JORIS DIDIER - Producer-Radio Ourthe Ambleve, Belgium

"I want to tell you - your recording is excellent! Great songs & sounds!" - JERRY PEEK - Musician, Bass Guitarist (Steve Morse Band)

"There'll be a lot more Robert Urban airplay here - I played "Louange" as the final piece of my Stonewall Day multi-hour broadcast. I wanted to end with a cool, long instrumental piece - and you're song fit the bill. I like it!" - TAYLOR CAGE - KOOP 91.7 FM Radio, Austin, TX

"I've enjoyed listening to Robert's beautiful songs & music and I will give them regular airplay on my radio show. It's one of my favorites!" - RAYMOND SWENNEN, Programmer & DJ, Roots Revival, 105.9 FM, Limburg, Belgium

"One hell of a musician!" - JULIE NICOLAY, Outloud Radio, New London, CT

"Your music is FANTASTIC!" It's people like you who give me inspiration - Keep up the great work!" - BILLY BUDD, Founder-Gay Metal Society, Chicago

"If this American multi-instrumentalist is unknown to you, we predict that with the quality of ELEGIES, he will not remain isolated in the progressive sphere for long! The influence of another (Robert Fripp) is notably evident on the last track that concludes the album beautifully. A discovery that you won't regret, trust this reviewer! In addition, the liner notes with photos of Robert in the middle of ancient ruins is superb. A total success for a one-man production!" - R. OUALID - KOID'9 - Le Bouche a Oreille - Rock Progressif Magazine #33, France

"There is great power & richness in each personal composition - all seems simple, natural and coming from the self. The music appears to be the work of a tight, cohesive group yet Robert did it all solo." - PHILIPPE GNANA - HARMONIE Rock Progressif Magazine #39, France

"Robert, you rock - I love it!" - JOE RIVERA, founder - YAHOO QUEERMETALHEADS


"This Urban guy is one hell of a guitarist and vocalist, and a fantastic songwriter to boot. The tracks on this CD catch you and keep you. Listen to it once, and you will want to go back to hear the sounds you think you missed - just like any good progressive rock music should do. I liked it, and I also like Robert Urban's Frippian styled lead guitar work. I suggest you give it a listen. The future of progressive rock is in good hands with guys like Robert Urban carrying it along!" - RICK WHITEHURST, RECORDHEAD MAGAZINE

"I deeply appreciate to you that that I have possibilities to present for Russian listeners YOUR music. It is a big pleasure to discover.You are on the show! Many thanks indeed for great CD. From Moscow with love - Sincerely and musically yours" - Sergey Tutov - Radio Journalist & Producer, "Back To The Universe" radio show on Radio "STATION 2000" 107 FM. Moscow. Russia.

"Excellent! We will play it immediately" - Osmane Ribeiro, Musical Director, FM Radio 105.5, Brazil

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