StoneWall Society CD Review
Robert Urban "Elegies"
Review By: Len

stonewall societyWith "Elegies" New York based Robert Urban has provided a genuine pop/rock treasure. Strong pop melodies enhanced with classical rock influences and striking lyrics create mood, reaction, and most of all extreme enjoyment. The ten song selection is compelling and leaves this listener wanting more, much more.

Urban entices and holds with lyrics which are through his vocals, as much a part of the music as his flawless showing on guitar. Literally catching his listeners with pleasant, thoughtful lyrics which are immediately very well received. Then these lyrics set to work releasing the deep and emotional messages contained. Bravo! Excellent hook, message and one of the best themed musical statements/experiences available.

Musically, "Elegies" is a veritable powerhouse of style, imagination, interpretation, reference and talent. Progressions with more Oldfield than Ravel musical influences are joined with blazing rock interpretations. Influences in the rock genre abound including; Guess Who, The Who, 10cc, and Yes to name a few...Empowered with Robert Urban's amazing talent on guitar the experience is immortalized in what can only be described as outstanding music!

Robert Urban opens "Elegies" with strength, "The Waiting Song" and that pace does not stop. A well known theme of love not named brought to life with unique style which commands involvement, yet is candid and touching. Urban's smooth vocal talent embraces all genres he explores. Emotions of love, frustration, denial, anger, and anticipation find life in the lyrics and the vocal deliverance. I couldn't pick a favorite here, all are equally unique and enjoyable. Check out one of New York's brightest URBAN legends website for more information, ordering, and concert appearances!

Review by Danny Jenkins of Outvoice

outvoiceThis performance was like a sweet secret shared between the audience and the artists - the combined talents of Robert Urban, Yolanda, Scott Free and Alix Dobkin was an absolute force to be reckoned with.
Hearing - and watching - Robert Urban play guitar gave me goosebumps and I remember thinking this was enough to make my whole trip. But then - Wham! Bam! - out comes Ms. Yolanda and that voice from heaven to join Robert onstage. Yolanda and Robert together was a treat, they sound so good together and I'd never have imagined that in a million years. They ought to hit the road and bring that act to every city in America.

My thanks to Robert Urban and Sun Music Co. for putting on such a knock-out show and giving me a nice "kick in the ass" reminder of why I do what I do. - Daniel Jenkins, OUTVOICE

August, 2002
Hi Robert,
I am very happy and proud to announce that you have been voted the Pride 2002 Pride Song Award for "The Waiting Song". You can see the award announcement page at: The Stonewall Society's Awards Webpage
You have been selected by qualified internet vote in the 2002 StoneWall Society Pride In The Arts Awards program. This is a real award so please also send us the shipping information as to where you would like your award sent. You will also be provided with an internet image of the award. As the recipient you have all rights to display your award, list your award, and otherwise make known your award.
Once again, congratulations on your award! Thank you for so proudly and positively representing the GLBTI community in the world of music!
All the best,
Len - Founder StoneWall Society


Congrats on your Pride Award! It's an honor to know musical/sociocultural pioneers like yourself! Many gay artists are so inspiring... but they seldom manage to make the crossover from the cabaret scene to the 'popular' queer music scene... ) I definitely see your work in promoting queer music being as legendary... as the work done to secure a place for queer music and musicians in the 'last generation.' Take good care and keep those gigs and awards coming!
SPIKEBEAR (Brian & Martin Swinger) - Maine

MUSIC REVIEW - Meow Mix Bar, NYC - November 17, 2002
The Robert Urban Band - Jeremy Blue - Marshall Zarne -

Byline by Donald Pacella for Stonewall Society Review

I would like to start by saying what a refreshing change of pace it was being at Meow Mix this past Sunday evening(Nov. 17th). Being my first visit to their mens night, I wasn't sure what to expect,and I was pleasantly surprised by the calibre of talent on display this evening.For anyone wanting to escape the usual top 40 and generic dance music the scene seems to be inundated with,I urge you to check out any of the three performers I was lucky enough to stumble onto this night.

First up we were treated to a few very honest and original numbers by a performer named Jeremy Blue. Kids, let me tell you,aside from an obvious talent,this young man is also not too bad on the eyes! (I'll resort to anything to get people to hear good and original music). Next up was Marshall Zarne who performed two original songs. Again, beautiful voice and quite a way with a lyric. I would actually like to hear him backed by a full band, although he was more than ably assisted by Ron Urban on acoustic guitar.

For me the real treat was the next band up,The Robert Urban Band.This was my first experience hearing them,and I was blown away.From great original songs to incredible covers, they kicked my ass in true power trio style. I still can't believe I actually heard a band in a gay establishment cover Yes and Led Zeppelin!! I can not wait to see this incredibly talented band a second time. Donald Pacella

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