"A rare find indeed, the music of NYC-based Robert Urban combines a knack for gifted pop melodies with a lyrically insightful blend of rock that's hard to top. Urban scored with the '97 release of his critically acclaimed "godless". Keeping up his ability to amaze with penetrating lyrics, Urban changes the setting a bit with the electric guitar-based rock vibe of his latest ELEGIES. Guitar fans will note Urban's wide array of guitar effects & styles ranging from electric & acoustic guitar to synthesized, bottlenecked & wah-wah'd guitar shadings.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about ELEGIES is that it's almost entirely performed by Urban himself. All this would be meaningless unless the music within measured up - and sure enough, it does. Catchy pop layered with profound lyrics, and a solid rock beat abound on ELEGIES. From the hooks & stirring vocals on the set-opening "The Waiting Song", to the piercing, pro-environmental purpose of "J'Accuse" to the CD's two guitar-based instrumentals, Urban more than proves his caliber as a gifted guitarist and a singer-songwriter worth chekcing out. Urban will also please his fans with the new relase of WHO I WAS, a recent nine-track retrospective of music he originally recorded in the '80s." - ROBERT SILVERSTEIN,20TH CENTURY GUITAR MAGAZINE

"I'm very impressed! What a great set of music. What a talented musician and vocalist you are... I'm glad I bought the cd, to get this for free would be wrong. You deserve, and will get from my site and mailers, a lot of attention.. It had to be kind of tricky to say what you're saying, the way it was said, if you know what I mean. I hope that those in power notice your music for the right reasons.. I was completly amazed at the passion and sincerity in the music and your voice, and I've been singing for a long,long time, myself.. I hope you will do an interview for our site, and also a review of whatever you feel like reviewing. - DAVE HASLAM THE PROGRESS REPORT


"The rhythmic J'accuse, from the ELEGIES album - a protest song against the destruction of the environment,,, contains nice piano parts and wonderful build up with hidden cello interventions. Great song with a Brian May sounding guitar solo to end" - JOHN "BO BO" BOLLENBERG PROGRESSIVE WORLD ROCK MAGAZINE

"An excellent songwriter and musician"

"Winner - Best Live Performer of 2001; Winner - Best CD of 2001 ("Elegies)"


"I really like your music. There is definitely a place for it in our movie. Generally, I'm skeptical of studio "electronic" soundtrack music... it often sounds canned & cheesy... but, Robert, your stuff is truly excellent and mood inspiring. I hope we can work together in creating soundtrack music" - TODD RUSSELL, Film Maker, THR PRODUCTIONS

"ELEGIES is a powerful,passionate,and very well structured album. Robert Urban is in possession of a fantastic voice. ...and has to be one of the best new guitarists on the scene today. I highly recommend this to music fans of any genre". - IMPORTANT VOICES IN MODERN ROCK -Vol. 2, No. 3, March 2001 - THE PROGRESS REPORT

Independent Music Awards

2001 INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARD Nominee for NYC Region, as polled by The Music Resource Group Organization and sponsored by The Musician's Atlas. (click to see last year's winners)

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