"Hey Robert - I got your CD's this week and damn are you good.
I've been listening to them all week. I'll be getting your stuff on KGRL this week and
I'll make sure it on TransOwl New Orleans also" - Candice Wolf, KGRL RADIO So Cal

"Robert Urban: Strangely, I am not one who usually writes to artists who don't
have a clue who I am, but I wanted to say thank you for the music
you have given me and the rest of the world. For the longest time,
I thought I was the only gay man who wanted to rock out, since
I couldn't find any gay men rocking. Then I purchased "Rock Widow"
and I came to the conclusion that not only was I not the onlyone, but you
were doing it so freaking well I curse the fact I didn't find it earlier.
I am nowin the process of ordering the rest of your catalog, and look forward to
hearing it over and over again.Thank you"- Howard R. Stump Clayton, DE

"I am always so proud of your efforts and successes with promotions
and especially your ability to create positive mainstream opportunities
for artists and communities. You rock Robert. Hugs",
Len - Founder - StoneWall Society www.stonewallsociety.com

"Congrat's Robert. It has been a pleasure working with you.
I appreciate it more than you will ever know. - Tommy Higens -
The New Bohemian Showcase - C-ROK web radio Knoxville TN

"I would just like to tip my hat
to Robert Urban for having put together what was surely the single best
queer music event I have ever attended. The Trans-Rock Explosion was truly
that! From the soulful, Tom Petty-tinged rock of Georgie Jessup to the
flat out, glam-o-rama, goth-punk, Zeppelin-heaviness of Vibralux (from
Kansas, no less!). From the down and dirty Ramones-esque punk of Temptress
to the flat-out hard-core brilliance of Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday (any
adjectives I could use for her set would be woefully inadequate -- they
were transcendent in every sense of the word). It was by far the best
lineup I may ever have seen in the city, let alone at a queer music event.
An incredibly diverse crowd, 4 awesome bands, and superb production values!
What a remarkable night! Kudos to all of the brilliant acts, the staff
at the Bowery Poetry Club (esp. Misha the Sound Guy), and, of course,
Robert, for putting together an unforgettable night of amazing music. cheers"
- Drew Edwards, CELLARDOOR

Hey Robert! Just wanted to say I've really been enjoying the ROCK WIDOW CD.
Your musings on the "boys from the bands" and the sometimes heartbreaking
struggle of trying to realize our dreams as musicians are very poignant.
Great production job, everything sounds superb. There's definitely an
"urban" vibe flowing through the album (no pun intended!). Excellent work!
My best - Dave Gastambide "The Vectorman" - PROJECT VECTOR

"Dear Robert, I would like to take this time to congratulate you on your election and ratification
to membership in the GLBT Hall Of Fame. As of February 15, 2005 you were nominated
by your peers and elected by the Induction & Nomination Committee.
Ratification was by public vote. Your nomination was for exemplary achievements.
Our goal is to recognize and honor your achievements." - Len Rogers
StoneWall Society - www.stonewallsociety.com - www.glbthalloffame.com

"I had the distinct pleasure of attending
the Trans Rock Halloween concert in New York on October 30th. Robert Urban was
fantastic, exhibited great showmanship and, in addition to being a rockin' guitarist
and composer, is a powerful vocalist as well. Not too many singers can hold such
control over falsetto parts at high volume levels but Robert made you think it
was easy (it isn't)! I like the seeming ease with which he sings (he has an appealingly
Bono-like quality to his voice and I'm not talkin' Sonny, either) and how many
other three-piece bands can pull off an epic selection like "Cashmiere" and still
make it sound so awesome? I'm not exaggerating when I say that it made the fur
on my arms stand up! Cool wardrobe, by the way! Vibra-Lux hit the stage next and
they were outrageously and wickedly irreverent and tight performers. I really
enjoyed them. Next up were the trailer trash pleasures of Temptress and I laughed
my ass off. Gotta see them again sometime. Glad to be there and I had fun, man!"
Mike Fass (Drummer Bear) www.drummerbear.com

"Just wanted to thank you again for all your incredible work on "The Muffin Song" - I know it helped
to get the CD to #1 at Outvoice and Song of the Year at Stonewall Society!!!!!!" - Scott Free, LeatherWestern Records, Chicago, IL

"Hi, Robert..... Just a note of congrats for the great work you're doing showcasing TG artists"
- JD Doyle, KPFT 90.1 FM Radio, Houston, TX

"Robert thank you for everything; being you, supporting us, and the rest of the community that you support
who may or may not realize your talent, beauty, and heart. Love ya, love your show" - Lexxxis, VIBRALUX

"I listened to the (PROOF) cd - It really sounds great...I think that you really hit
the nail on the head. You've taken the music out of my head and beautifully crafted it into this record. I am forever grateful!" - Roger Kuhn

"Elegies could just be one of the best CDs I have heard in a very long time. It's incredible. The music was thoughtful,
deep, moving, and thoroughly enjoyable, both as written and performed. Your vocals became yet another layer of this musical experience, and proved to be one more instrument you have perfected. Lyrically, the offerings on Elegies are at once beautiful,
intelligent, intense, and emotional. The standard of excellence on Elegies have raised the bar for musical experiences for years to come. I now will wait a bit less patiently for your next CD, but will have at least four CDs to remind me that it will be worth the wait. - Thank you so much."
- Howard R. Stump Clayton, DE

"Dear Robert, Folks such as yourself are very rare in the community. There are a lot of people who give lip service to transgendered people,
but you honestly go the extra mile and actually work to support the community. Thank you for that. People such as yourself don't get enough credit
for the help they give new transgender acts". - Pam DeGrof, www.tgforum.com, Nashville, TN

"Kuhn arrived in New York City four years ago with one goal: to be a rock n' roll star. Able to support himself by working for various non-profit organizations, he has set about establishing himself as part of the burgeoning queer indie music scene. He is presently recording his new CD Proof, with noted producer Robert Urban." - SCENE Magazine, Dec 2005 issue 

"Over the past year, RU has been responsible for bringing queer music from across the country for New York City audiences to discover and appreciate. The past few months have brought us-- among other artists-- Scott Free from Chicago, Saturn from Baltimore, Mekole Wells from North Carolina, and Kim Char Meredith from Hawaii. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. And I have a hunch that Robert Urban will never stop doing this-- what he does is too important! Stay posted for news about future Urban Productions shows at www.RobertUrban.com" - Jed Ryan, Outmusic. 

"I have to say that you are a truly amazing musician. I love both CDs, but have listened to Rock Widow more. It's reminiscent of so many different influences...I can hear some Robert Fripp guitar voicing and most definitely some Yes influence. I was also impressed with your version of the Cream tune. The other CD Elegies, had moments that reminded me George Harrison's guitar work, espcially the slide and the way you layered things. I was really impressed, and I don't often say that. I'm extremely impressed with everything I've heard on the two CDs you sent. I keep hearing unique things...everything from Robert Fripp guitar voicing to moments reminiscent of Bowie. There's even some Floyd influence in there.

it's really refreshing to hear some creativity for a change. In my job as a music journalist, I've gotten really tired of all the new bands who sound the same and seem afraid to actually play their instruments. It seems like a lot of bands consist of a singer/songwriter with a rhythm section. I'm always willing to champion anyone who shows some true talent and creativity. I'm truly impressed. Thanks so much for sharing," - Pamela DeGrof, TG Forum Magazine 

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